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Small Pond

This client asked for a suitably located small pond which would encourage wildlife to spend time in her garden. The pond will provide a habitat and drinking hole for wildlife passing through or choosing to stay. There are two shelves and cobbles into one side of the pond giving easy access and room to grow a few marginal plants.  The garden is slightly sloped making and ideal opportunity to create an overflow for the pond into a small bog area. The bog adds even more diversity in the garden. The plants here are lush from the outset and will have to be curtailed fairly soon. There is an overflow from the bog too - into a small drainage pit, filled with gravel, under the large rock seen on the left of the pre-planting picture. 
The pond sits naturally in the garden. It is in a sunny spot and not too close to any trees.
Salvaged walling rocks are used to improve the appearance of the edge of the pond. They overhang slightly to provide some shade and shelter. Three sizes of aggregate: worn pebbles, gravel and shingle give the pond a decorative but organic feel.

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