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Long Narrow Garden

A see-all-at-once garden was re-worked into a beautiful garden with 'rooms' of differing moods.


From the house it was possible to look all the way to the sheds at the end of the garden. There was little interest and no urge to go into the garden except to get to the sheds. The new layout divides the garden from the steps into smaller areas: a small lawn initially, summer floriferous planting is to surround a curving path which then leads through an arch to a leafy, calming space under the canopy of two mature trees. 


We re-used as much of the existing planting, garden ornaments and furniture as we could.The phormium act as 'sentries' marking a subtle transition from one part of the new garden to another. The pleached beech hedge is largely kept but some breaks were created so that the effective garden widens at key locations. There are three box balls which will be clipped into shape and provide winter interest. During the summer months they will be hidden by fragrant roses and billowing blue geranium.

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