Unique Walls

Lucy collects anything which can be used in a mixed-material wall. Pieces collected by the client, perhaps with sentimental value, can be incorporated too. The first wall that Lucy built, in the Sensory Garden at Brandon Marsh was created as an habitat for invertebrates. However, the wall then and those since are as much art installations as 'insect hotels'. More 'wabi-sabi' than slick and seamless masonry.

Each wall and situation is unique. The cost of the build is estimated based on time which in turn depends on complexity as well as volume of materials. For example, a wall to be viewed from both sides takes far more time to construct artistically than one with an unseen back...and dry stone wall is less than one built with mortar. As a guide for pricing, please see 'Services'. Visits to quote for a commission are free of course.

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