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courtyard garden

From Minimalist to Full Flora

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sloping garden


Having a beautiful garden is something most of us desire. It can be frustrating when you know what you want - but you are not quite sure how to make it possible. Lucyhartleygardens offers services from garden consultation to managing full design installation to help you realise your dreams.



sleeper terrace

Environmental Statement

It is a core value of Lucy Hartley Gardens to create new and to rejuvenate existing gardens so that they have a low environmental impact and contribute positively to local biodiversity.  

This means that advice will be given concerning waste re-use, its removal and the choice of any new materials regarding manufacture, transport and end of life with the aim of minimising carbon emissions. Planting suggestions will put improvement to biodiversity and resilience to climate change within your space on a balanced footing with the aesthetic value of plants.

Journeys will be kept minimal and efficient. Local nurseries are preferred for plant supply and peat is avoided where possible. New clients will be limited to those within a 45min car journey from Wellesbourne. Talks can be given remotely for clubs at larger distances.


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