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Lucy Hartley Garden Design

From Minimalist to Full Flora
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The considered combination of colour when putting plants together - both in flower and foliage is something which is hard to do well if you buy plants individually and on a whim.

Often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to planting. Do ask about planting advice and planning.


Texture and Form
Contrast is of key importance.

An interesting leaf or plant shape will only have impact if it is seen clearly against its background. Even if the background is plants which share the same colouring, contrast can be made in level of detail and 'line' direction. Would any of your plants look better with new neighbours?





A plant grouping works best when the group appears to be in context with the surrounding space.

This group of plants have a faintly 'asian' feel. The house is german and modern but somehow the black structure and red door have a hint of Japanese Tea Garden about them. The clipped evergreens give a nod to this style as does the nandina foliage and iris. The composition therefore looks natural despite this contradiction. Repetition of nandina, cliped evergreen and iris provides unity within the scheme; although two types of nandina and two colours of iris -  not so evident in this picture - add some variety over the seasons.

These pictures are from existing gardens created by Lucy.