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Lucy Hartley Garden Design

From Minimalist to Full Flora
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Habitat Walls
Brandon Marsh, Coventry

This is a low retaining wall in the Sensory Garden. It was constructed from ceramic salvage collected locally. The peices are mortared together to hold them in place but leaving as many gaps as possible for small creatures to hibernate in the winter or shelter from sun in the summer. It is back filled with gravel creating good drainage for the raised and sloping bed behind it.


Brueton Park, So

This free standing wall can be found in the outdoor seating area for the cafe in the WWT Parkridge Centre. It is backed by concrete blocks and filled with rubble. A lime mortar was used for the build to accomodate the mixed materials and their differing response to weather conditions. Local, natural rock is artistically combined with ceramics and salvaged building materials. One, purpose designed 'bee brick' is included - from Green and Blue Build.  It remains to be seen which parts of the wall are favoured by visiting wildlife...


Private Commission

This mini habitat wall is decorative as well as functional. It is built on a firm concrete block base and includes some pieces which were of sentimental value to the client.




Each wall and situation is unique. The cost of the build is estimated based on time which in turn depends on complexity as well as volume of materials. For example, a wall to be viewed from both sides takes far more time to construct artistically than one with an unseen back. As a guide for pricing, please see 'Services'. Visits to quote for a commission are free of course.