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Lucy Hartley Garden Design

From Minimalist to Full Flora
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The Design Process

It is recommended that Lucy is invited to carry out a Consultation at the start of any Design Process. During the Consultation, Lucy will visit the garden (or part of the garden) to discuss the wants and needs that the client may have regarding Design or Planting. This is the first step in finding a 'Brief'; the all important set of aims and objectives which a new Design must meet.  Following this, a letter will be sent, listing advice and a quote for any relevant further services. This may be all that is required by the client as a trouble-shooting exercise and/or needed to determine if the client considers Lucy the most appropriate Designer for them. Please note that a new Design will cost more than the Consultation fee.  A Consultation costs £80 for an hour - plus mileage charge if long distance. This is refundable against future design plans. See also 'Services'.

Consultation Vouchers make excellent gifts for loved ones and friends. 

 Site Analysis and Briefing

The analysis and briefing begins during the Consultation as Lucy finds out about what the site offers and what the client needs are. A more detailed analysis and briefing may be arranged for a later date after the initial Consultation.

Site Survey

A survey has to be carried out if a new garden design is to be created. For larger gardens specialist surveyors may be needed. The result is a scale drawn plan of the existing garden on which new design details can be added. For existing sites which are not too large, angular or complex this is often carried out by Lucy to some degree in the first visit.

Concept Plan
The Concept Plan is a sketch showing a suggested rough design or idea (see 'Miscl'). Together, the client and Lucy can develop this into a finished design. All issues are discussed until they are resolved at this stage. It is important to Lucy that the client is happy with the suggestions made. This may be just the starter that you need and would like to make the rest of the journey on your own. (A good landscaper can often work with you from a Concept Plan.) Lucy is happy to quote for work up to Concept stage. Discussion and changes to the Concept can be made during the meeting where the Concept is presented but no further drawings are made without further charge.

 Garden Design


Once the Concept is agreed (see above) a Layout Plan is drawn up. This is a scale drawn 'bird's eye view' of the new design with all essential details clearly labelled
. The more complex the design and/or site, the more important accurate detailing is. The design will match the requirements laid out in the brief and suit the environment in which it will be built. Any changes from the original Concept are now incorporated. Elevations and perspective drawings/sketches are included where necessary to ensure clear communication with the client and landscaper. A price will be given for design up to the Layout Plan which includes the Layout Plan with all supporting construction diagrams along with material choice and sourcing. (see 'Sloping Garden'). The Layout Plan usually costs around double the cost of the Concept Plan. This reflects the amount of extra work involved.

This breaking down of the Design Process into different levels of service is to enable clients with differing budgets and skills/time to choose the most appropriate service for them.

The planting style and any key features are discussed at the Concept stage of the Design process. Planting Lists, Guides or Plans are charged for separately. A PowerPoint slideshow and Overlay sketches are used to communicate new planting combinations. Lucy draws up a flexible list to work from for the new planting. If Lucy is to supply plants this may be all that is needed and the final list is given to the client at the end of planting. If a client prefers to make the final choices and select plants themselves, a Planting Guide may be the best service Lucy can offer. If someone else is to supply and plant then a detailed 'planting by numbers' Plan can be drawn up.
Lucy is always happy to work with the client, installing new plants together. This is a great way to get to know your new garden - and reduces the labour cost as well of course!

A free sheet on general border care is given at the end of any new planting Lucy puts in, but for more specific advice a Maintenance Calendar is recommended.

 Construction diagrams
Any original, bespoke constructions from walls to minor buildings may need detailed schematics - construction diagrams - to aid the landscaper. Lucy can draw these up where necessary.

Installation of Hard Landscaping in the new design
Lucy can write up Specifications and other tender documents to help a client find  local, reliable landscapers and/or artists. The landscape company would be completely independant from the design service.The client would employ them but Lucy can help liaise and communicate the design. Charges for this would come under Project Management.

At the end of the project Lucy can draw up a Maintenance Calendar for the client and/or return at a later date to advise or help with maintenance and development.




The initial Consultation of £80 for an hour (plus mileage if over 10 mile radius from Stratford upon Avon) is a set charge, payable at the time of visit. For any further work the cost will have to be calculated after this initial Consultation, based on the size and complexity of the project.

Estimates and quotations are free and there is no obligation to proceed. Lucy is happy to visit to put together a quote if the job is clearly defined otherwise a Consultation is recommended. The prices given will have a description of everything that is included within them so that it is clear exactly what is being paid for. A suggested course of action and options open to the client can be sent with the costings. It is possible to work towards a pre-defined budget if that is preferred. Please note that the cost of a Design, however elementary, will be more than £80.


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