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Lucy Hartley Garden Design

From Minimalist to Full Flora
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Creative Pruning
Hedge Art

Who wants to see a blank canvas hedge when you can add a little je ne sais quois?


Everyday shrubs made to look their best - some traditional, others, less so..

Spirals and cones: Euonymus japonica, a variegated variety and Viburnum tinus, buxus sempervirens but not as balls.


Sculpting. These are 'Before' and 'a few years After'. The variegated holly, Philadelphus and Pittosporum had been pruned as if for a car park for many years previously. With some focussed reshaping the Philadelphus now flowers like it's last year every year and the evergreens provide style and character to the garden all year round.


Gentle Shaping
: Euonymus japonica and Eleagnus ebbingei 'Limelight' (or similar variety). Both are medium to large evergreen shrubs which would be - and were - heavy, shapeless, rounded blobs. They still look natural, but now are also beautiful and visually 'lighter'.